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If you have made it to my blog, you have undoubtedly seen that a lot of information about me is available on this very website.  Contactjoshua.com was built as a place for me to play with web technologies, but it has grown into a place for me to put whatever thought I have.  This blog is currently intended to be nothing more than my thoughts on topics I am passionate about.  A large portion of my life has been devoted to technology.  Due to that, I expect a large portion of my blog will be devoted to technology as well.  I just like learning how something works.  Some posts may be just that: my learnings.  Who knows, I might even write one up about one of my many DIY projects at home.

I would like to receive constructive criticism, but I want to avoid having to handle comment moderation.  If you have a thought on my writing or want to throw out your own opinion, feel free to send it my way through the contact field on the webpage.

If you happen to be reading this, I truly hope that you find my writings helpful.

Joshua Price

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