about me

My Life


For as long as I can remember, I have been told I am a strong leader.  Every position I step into I step up.  I love to learn and grow my leadership ability.


With years of experience across the IT Field, I am a career technologist.  I enjoy knowing what solutions are out there and finding the most strategic way to bring them all together.

Practicing Wood Worker

I am slowly working on my woodworking skills. So far this has included a coffee table, several end tables, planters and a workbench.  Considering I am only a few months in I am pretty pleased with my progress.


There is no better feeling at work than being given a problem, developing the solution, implementing and seeing it through to completion.  Checking that last box makes it all worth while.

Fun Facts

7 Countries Visited

197 Network Switches Deployeed

16,425+ Cups Of Coffee Drank

1 Wife Forever

Wedding Website

Check out my Wedding Website here